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Teacher Week-Sanity Savers

Hi Y'all!
I'm so excited to write my very first post as a member of Blog Hoppin'.
It was an honor to be invited to work with a wonderful group of very talented women!

It's Teacher Week!
And today, I'm here to share with you a few tips on how to keep sane during the school year!

1.  Make as many copies as you can in the beginning of the year.
I spend a good three hours making copies as soon as I can get back into the building.  I make copies of the entire year's traceable calendar,  every month's reading log, and the first month of morning work.  It's a lot. A WHOLE LOT.  But I save time very month not making those calendars.  And I save tons of worry not having to make copies each month.  By spending those few hours at the beginning of the year, I get back so much more time throughout the year! #sanitysaver

The box on the left is my September morning work. Done!
The box on the right holds calendars for each month and my reading log for each month. Done!

2.  Find something you LOVE to do...away from work!
I know that sounds like the weirdest way sanity saver for work.  You can love your job, and the time you spend with students...AND love your time away from work...the time you have just for you.  You'll find that when you take time out for yourself, you end up enjoying your time at work even more.  I LOVE creating products to use in my own classroom, so I spend a lot of time doing that.  But I also love crafting and making tutus.  I love dancing and singing too.  When you take time to do the things you'll find you integrate those passions or hobbies into the classroom.  Your kiddos love learning more about who you are as a person...not just their teacher. #sanitysaver

These are the maracas I hand painted for our wedding.
I love crafts but OMG there were so many maracas!

3.  Go do good!

Karma is real y'all!
When you do good things for others...that good comes back to you.  And even if it doesn' feels so good to do good!!  Buy a bag of candy for your custodial staff as a "Thank you" for the hard work the did over the summer.  Write a note to the new teacher at your school who just needs to know someone noticed all the work they did on their bulletin board.  Read your favorite read aloud to your kiddos just because it's your favorite and you want to share the experience of loving a great book with them.  Doing good helps you connect with others who then are more willing to 
help you when you're in need. 
Doing good helps you stay sane.  #sanitysaver

These were a few Back to School gifts my teammate and I put together for the other teachers on our Kindergarten team.
They LOVED them!

What are your tips for staying sane?
Link up your post below, write on our Facebook wall, Periscope yourself, or take a picture or
two on Instagram (#teacherweek15)

Happy teacher week! 

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