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Teacher Week - Favorite Subject

It's Friday and we are sharing our favorite subject to teach!

I definitely have a favorite, or maybe two favorites! Last year was my first year in the general education classroom. I previously taught special education for 7 years. I've taught every grade level K-12 at some point and I have always loved teaching reading. From the youngest little ones starting with letter/sound identification to the oldest students doing novel studies and really getting into books it's by far my favorite time of the day. I've had a lot of different experiences since most of the kids I've worked with struggled with reading. Seeing them find a joy in words has always been a highlight of my year and made me keep going even when I wasn't feeling very successful as a teacher.

Now that I'm in a self contained classroom all day I still love reading. Watching my 2nd graders with their reading bags in a quiet spot reading a book they are excited about makes me so happy! Seeing them understand reading makes me even more thrilled! I love my classroom library, I spend way to much money on books but I can't help it I love them as much as the kids do!

One of my all time favorite resources has been this book
We've already learned about meta-cognition and schema this year. Giving kids a concrete example to base their comprehension on has always been so helpful especially to those who struggle.
When my students start to have those light bulb moments where they realize reading is thinking, and they come up with something so amazing that I didn't even expect we celebrate it! It's amazing for me to watch them figure it all out. Reading is my favorite subject to teach!

I Love this!

I did say I had two favorites you can come over to my blog to read more about my other favorite subject that I've only discovered since being a 2nd grade teacher! It's so fun, and I think it might be my students favorite.

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