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Cleaning Out for a New Year

Hello Blog Hoppers! Well, we are still in school for quite some time. Late June, in fact. Despite the crazy heat (and no AC!) I am happy because this gives me plenty of time to get things cleaned out for a new school year.

And this is the time of year I like to take a good look at what resources I can get rid of, to really keep my room free of clutter. It can be hard to let things go! So each year, I try to gather the items my students and I haven't used over the past school year (or maybe even over several years!).

To help with the process, I use some signs to keep things in order. The "donate" one is my favorite, because there is always another teacher who might like to use resources you no longer need:

The scanning is something I do with a great little app (you can read more about it here on my blog). It's handy for those old papers you'd rather store digitally.

Using these little signs helps me get things sorted quickly and has worked like a charm for years! I'd like to share them here, just in case you are in school and cleaning like mad yourself!
(click on the image to download)

I hope this was of help to some of you! Happy cleaning and happy summer vacation to all those teachers already out of school!

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