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Addition and Subtraction Books

The end is in sight!!  Gosh, this time of year I get so overwhelmed with end of year stuff.  Not only is there EOY Slideshows, DVD's, Cleaning, Organizing, records, final assessments, BUT there's still a ton you want to do with your kids because this is it...the last moments you'll spend with this group.  Tear.  :*(
For those times you need your kids busy doing something so you can "catch up" these little books are great and SO much fun!  This is a great activity to have on hand.
There's very little prep to this activity (chopping and stapling) and they're a great little tool or resource to use in your classroom.  Bonus: the kids love them!  They are super fun!
The point of this activity is for the kids to do all the work.  This will show you as teacher which students can add and subtract independently and ones who need help.  

All you need to complete this activity are the materials shown below.
All directions on how to make the books are included in the product.  I've shown a couple different ways these can be completed.
Click HERE to go to the BOOKS.

And...the addition book...
You can find this product HERE.
You can find my BLOG HERE.  

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