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Our Favorite Mother's Day Ideas!

Today Blog Hoppin, and our talented authors, are happy to bring to you a fabulous list of great ideas you can use in your classroom to celebrate Mother's Day! These ideas range from super simple to pretty extravagant. If you're looking for Mother's Day ideas this is definitely the place to look! 

(Remember that all of these ideas can be easily modified to include all special women such as grandmothers, aunts, step/foster moms, etc - we don't want any students to feel bad if their family doesn't include a mom.)

For Mother's Day each year my kiddos make tile note holders for their moms or any other special lady they have in their lives. 

I created a new Mother's Day card for this year. It is VERY simple for little people to handle. Just a few cuts, some writing and some gluing and it's done. 

If you're looking for a fun and cute Mother's Day gift idea, this heart-shaped book is perfect! It's a great and easy way to let your students celebrate their moms. It makes the perfect Mother's Day Gift.

I wanted to give my Mommies and students something that REALLY meant something. Something that they would carry with them forever. My Mother's Day Spa Pack is a bundle of ideas, printables, decorations, recipes and ideas to make your Mommy Spa a HUGE success!!!

There are three gift ideas all with step by step instructions for you and your students.
Framed portrait of mom done by student, homemade lemon oil body scrub (easy, cheap, crowd pleaser!)student made tissue paper vases.

This cute project is based on Pablo Picasso's "Hand With Flowers." The children trace their hands onto skin colored construction paper and glue onto white paper. Then they make stems from green construction paper. They sponge paint their flowers above the stems.

Adorable and easy Mother's Day card craftivity. 
Students will personalize the heart, star, gift, and coupon for their mother and fit them inside the pocket on the front of the card.

This easy peasy Mother's Day book is the perfect gift! Just print out and have your little cuties draw and write about their mom.

This document includes everything you need to have a successful Mother's Day Tea. Included in this unit are: Invitations and RSVP's, Banner, Sign and Table Tents, Placemat idea and printable, Mother's Day Book and more!

I also have my students make this Mother's Day Handprint Card.  It is a combination of two handprint poems and is available for free in my TPT Store.

I usually always do a fill in the blank questionnaire. Here is a free download for the one I will be using this year.

This ditty also comes with a personalized writing element.  I wanted my kids to be able to draft a special message that came straight from their hearts.   

Hosting a special day for your students' mommies? Here are a few things to make it easier.
Invitations, nameplates, banner, and more!

Please share your own Mother's Day ideas below in the comments! We always love to see how other teachers celebrate the mothers and other special women in our lives!

Thanks for reading!

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