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Dino Fun

A few years ago I decided to teach a unit on dinosaurs. I had never taught dinos before and had NOTHING.
I started from scratch and taught myself basic facts about dinosaurs to share with my first graders. I made a unit to use and it has been one of my favorites and I look forward to our Dino Unit each year!
This year, I decided to go bigger and I added a few new activities and went from 1 week to 2 weeks of Dino Fun in my room. {It actually kinda spilled over into 2 1/2 weeks} . Kids love to learn about dinosaurs and we had a good time. It was a win-win situation!
My dinos unit went from 37 pages to a whopping 81 pages. And sadly.. I had to take out one activity just to reduce the size of the file to get it upload on the Teachers Pay Teachers site.
You can click the picture above to see it. If you have purchased the unit before.. you get all the revisions for FREE! Just re-download. 
Here are a few picture of the things included..
Dictionary practice.. find the words on the dino sheet and record the page number.
We made these precious dinosaurs for the hall bulletin board. LOVE THEM! The patterns are included in the unit.
The bucket of plastic dinosaurs have provided tons of entertainment and fun for my first graders. They will not be happy tomorrow morning when they realize I packed them up. All of my plastic dinosaurs came from the Dollar Tree.
We did a little number word stamping! There is an easier version of this stamping activity included if this one is too hard for your students.
And ABC order practice…
Counted tally marks during center time.
We also practiced counting different money amounts with these “money mats”.
We also did a directed drawing activity too. The steps are included in the unit.
I also have a Dinosaur Pinterest Board if you are interested in following it. If you have a dinosaur pinterest board.. PLEASE share it with me!

Here is a quick link to my unit again if you are interested…
Doodle Bugs Teaching: Dino Unit


  1. That really looks adorable! Think I'll have to add it to my units!! =)

  2. Sorry, I only have 3 pins so far. Maybe they're ones you don't have though. :-)

    Your unit looks really cool; love it!