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Hi It's Reagan from Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits and I am excited to bring you a big update on my Flipping for Phonics Pack!  I added 20 new sound cards to the existing 144!  To see how I use these flip books in guided reading you can check out this post HERE!

Next year I already have plans for revamping my guided reading area!  I seriously can't wait to show you! Is your mind on next year too? #teacherproblems

Part of the new and improved guided reading area will be a focus wall where you will find these cards on display as well!  Here's a look at a few of the 164 pages. 

This year I created this product to help my student warm up the sound and spellings that they had learned in kinder and with me in first, but it just exploded into all the sound spellings we could imagine.  I pull out different books for different groups.  The students beg to move on to a new book as they master the one before.   They also want to put them in their read to self boxes.  SCORE one for teacher!!
Another way I use these flip books is for the volunteers that come pull out kids and my own RTI documentation.  They are a fantastic way to be sure you are reviewing daily!  

If you need work work phonics activities to go along with your phonics instruction in reading I also have a big old phonics packet that continues to grow just like this one does!   It hits on the sound spellings my students and I are accountable for in spelling and our reading series.  I am continuing to add to it. {I also sell each one separately in my store too}

 Here we were working on R blends
I keep these in a 5 drawer tower dedicated to work work. Each day students choose a new activity that practices the pattern of the week.
Have a terrific week! 


  1. I bought your Daily Flip Books set and would love to make sets this summer to use next year. Can you recommend a good comb binding machine?

    1. I bought the pro click and I love it. I use it all the time! :)

    2. Thanks so much! I will check it out! :-)