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Truly a Win-Win!!!!!!

Hey guys!!!! Katie here from Little Warriors.
Have you all heard about the "Xaivore Strong" Fundraiser going on????

Xaivore is a 2nd grade boy at my school who last August, was diagnosed with a brain tumor known as medulloblastoma.

He has since had surgery and 99% of the tumor was removed. He is now in the process of his 55 weeks of treatment. He had 6 weeks of radiation to shrink the remaining tumor and is now undergoing a 3 cycle multi regiment Chemotherapy process.

After the surgery, Xaivore had to learn to walk again. He now has eye problems and has double vision that he has to take muscle relaxers for. Through this whole long, hard process he has also acquired some learning disabilities. You can read more about Xaivore's story HERE at my blog.

Together with my friends from Blog Hoppin', I have put together a pack of 19 super fabulous products! For a small donation of only $25, you will get $120 worth of AWESOMENESS!!!! It's a win-win! You get a ton of fabulous products AND you're helping out Xaivore and his family!!! Doesn't get much better than that! ALL of my friends from Blog Hoppin' are so, so generous!!! You will NOT believe the goodies here!!!

You will LOVE the products in this pack!! Here's what you get!! Check it out!!!!!!!

Now, this AWESOME fundraiser will only last through this month!!! which means, you have less than 2 weeks to scoop it up!!!!! So, hurry!!! Go Grab yours now!!!! Click here!
Thanks so much for your love, help and support!!!!!


  1. This is a great bundle! There is so much in it...seeing this post has reminded me about some of the awesome stuff I can use. Great stuff for a great cause!

  2. This is a great pack! Thanks for all the donators. I appreciate that I purchased it on TPT, got credit and it is in my file of items purchased. Keep us updated on this boy, great cause.

  3. What a story. I will keep this family in my prayers...just cannot imagine. On my way to help out. A win-win indeed if it can take some of the burden from this