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Rainforest Fun for Open House!

Good Morning, Blog Hoppin' Buddies! Kerri B from Teacher Bits and Bobs here...

Are you as obsessed with Open House as I am?? It is literally my favorite thing in the whole world! I think it goes back to the days when I would help my mom, who taught first grade for 35 years,  get her room all beautified for Open House back in the 80's! 

Since I started teaching 17 years ago, I have always had a theme for Open House. For a few years I did the ocean, then I did garden and bugs, and then I stumbled upon the Rainforest about 8 years ago, and OMG!! It is AMAZING!! I have tweaked and changed it over the years, but it is hands down my favorite Open House theme ever, mostly because my kids go wild for it and they learn so so much!!

Here are some pictures of last year's Rainforest transformation...

(Disclaimer: I am not a patterned art type of gal. All of the art projects my kiddies do are the "I do, you do" step cut method, which makes their art sooo much more original and unique, I think!)

Yup!! The rainforest literally threw up in my room! I love it!!

I have spent that past week totally re-vamping and adding a WHOLE bunch of stuff to my Rainforest Unit, including 30 more pages, full color rainforest animal posters,  and another art project! If you have already purchased this from, please be sure to re-download it to get all of the new activities!! YAY!! :)

If you are interested in transforming your classroom into a living rainforest, then you can check this out...

In addition to directions for all of the 11 art projects you see above you, this unit includes all sorts of writing activities for lots of different rainforest animals, which you can save and make into a rainforest book for your kiddos!

I also have my companion Rainforest Fun! Math Literacy Centers available as a companion to my Art and Writing Unit, to extend the rainforest fun just a little bit further! :)

Thanks for checking out my rainforest ideas! I hope you all have a wonderful Open House this year, whatever theme you choose to do! It's a such a memorable experience for our students, isn't it?? :)

Kerri B