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Fall Feature from Second Grade Shenanigans

Hi Blog Hoppers! It's Hope King from Second Grade Shenanigans here to share a few of my favorite Halloween{ish} activities! 

If I *had* to choose only one of my favorite Halloween/Fall activities, this would be it! My kids always go crazy over pumpkin book reports. Last year we switched it up and did a the same concept, only with biographies! Love, love, love both of these units! So whether you are reading fiction stories, or researching up a storm, these can easily find their way into your classroom. 


I loved how these reports turn out...You can read more about our pumpkin bios {HERE}

And I just can't get enough of these guys! Check out our pumpkin book reports {HERE}
Dead word funeral...check!  Animal Research....check!  Oobleck investigation, Halloween riddles, the life cycle of a pumpkin...check...check...AND check!

This unit is a combination of all things Halloween and writing. Plus it has tons of great resources to assist your students in laying those boring words to rest once and for all! 

Check It Out:

You can pick up all of this sweetness at my TPT store!

And...You can read more about our Dead Word Funeral {HERE}
This activity is an October MUST! 

When creating the Dead Zone in your classroom, nothing sets the mood better than...

And finally, if you are in need of some math centers to help your students master those basic skills, you might want to check these out! 

You can read more about these right here

So, do you do anything special during this spooktacular month?

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