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Fall Feature from Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

We've been having such a blast telling you about our Fall Features... that we decided to extend it one more day--plus we have a SURPRISE in store for you tomorrow!!  Be sure to check back!

One of our favorites for Fall is learning about Pocahontas.  In Virginia, she is one of the famous Americans we learn about for our Social Studies SOLs (Standards of Learning).  We always start with a KWL chart.  Click HERE for a freebie KWL to get you started.  This is SO important when beginning a new topic, especially when the topic is Pocahontas--because most students will "know" the Disney movie version, but not the real story.  

Here's a little "Snapshot Story" packet on Pocahontas that includes an interactive book (where students can manipulate the pieces to tell and re-tell the story) plus an emergent reader (that can be added to their individual book boxes).  Unfortunately, I'm having a bit of trouble uploading it to TpT... so stay tuned! :o)  

Have a great day!
Karen :o)

Remember... Blog Hoppin' has a special treat in store for you tomorrow, so we will see you then!!

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