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Teacher Week: Classroom Digs

Hey y'all!  I'm Amy Lemons from Step into 2nd Grade :)  I'm here to show you my Classroom Digs for Teacher Week!  Now, before we begin, I have to tell you that my classroom is totally a 'work in progress!' But if anyone gets that it is you because YOU are a teacher!  My campus has been closed ALL summer, so when Monday rolled around last week I was very eager to get in and start working!  

Here is my English Alphabet(my students will create the pictures/words to go with each letter), English Word Wall, and Writing Bulletin Board!  You can find the pencil poster {HERE} and the Writing BB set {HERE}!  I used fabric from Hobby Lobby on all of my boards :)  And, I can easily staple to any wall in my room, PTL!
 Now on to the front of my classroom!  I have my Spanish Alphabet, AR tracking board, objectives for the day and my calendar will go on that blank BB once I figure out how I want that space to look!  You can find the number words {HERE}.  I found those pillows at Target!
Closer look at my AR tracking board... still need to add some accents and student clips so they can move along the ribbons as they earn AR points!
 Here is my Spanish Word Wall and computer table
 I have an obsession with buying children's books, do you?!  I have actually cut back quite a bit this year so that my students can choose more easily, and I want to showcase some books/author studies throughout the year!  I used Hope's Subway Decor that you can find {HERE} and {HERE}
 Closer look at my book bin labels that I got from Reagan Tunstall!
 Next up... student lockers!  Above the lockers you will see our school responsibilities.  I sent the images to Wal-Mart so that I could make them poster-size!  The clock numbers you can grab up {HERE}.  My locker numbers are from {HERE}.  The birthday cupcakes are from {HERE}!  The star paper is actually wrapping paper!!  The paper and lanterns are from Hobby Lobby!
 I am so glad that those cabinets have doors because the inside is just a mess, y'all.  You would probably be like.... this girl has a blog?  She can' even organize cabinets!  BUT, those doors hide all of my clutter :)  I was inspired by Cara Carroll last year to make my cabinet decor!  After I got rid of my ladybug theme I needed something cheap and quick to put above my cabinets SO those bags were the perfect solution (found at Hobby Lobby)!  You'll also see my Daily Five charts that I have ready to go!  I used velcro dots to stick 'em up so that I can easily take them down to fill out with my kiddos!
 Closer look at my bags!
 View of my room from the sink (I'll have anywhere from 20-22 students I think!)
Table caddies are my life saver!  Seriously, I don't deal with student boxes and keeping up with individual supplies!  We share everything!!  The Table Numbers come from my Chevron Unit!
My table caddies aren't quite full yet, but you get the picture of how I store their supplies.  The baskets and caddies are from Really Good Stuff!
 View of my room from the door...
 View of my room from the computer table...
 View of my room from my teaching table...
 I got rid of my teacher desk a few years ago and I haven't looked back!  There's so much less clutter and so much more available space!  The reading posters came from A Cupcake for the Teacher that you can find {HERE}!  I will post pictures of my family on my Mrs. Lemons board and my laptop will go on that student desk if I don't need it for a kiddo!
 Here's how I organize my teaching supplies and materials (All of my labels come from HERE).  My binder holders can be found HERE and the plastic bins are from the Dollar Tree!
 And, here's my wall of "unfinished work"  I need the classroom fairy to visit my room and make it all go away :)
WOAH!  That was a lot of information, but I don't want to leave out any little part!  I am hoping to have everything finished in the next week or so if life goes as planned ;)  

Now, check out the cuteness below from THE Mrs. Deedee Wills' herself!
Hiddy Ho!  This is Deedee!
and here is my classroom!

The first thing I wanted to accomplish was to recover my chair.  I love how it turned out!  You simply call your mom wrap the chair with the fabric, then staple it (with a staple gun) into place.  We she then whip stitched the back piece.
 Then my mom made these curtains to cover my cubbies.  In all honesty, my "before" pictures don't usually look that messy, but I love having them hidden behind the magic curtain.
This is my writing station and the area where I display my letters and words of the week.   We {mom} also made cushions for the tops of my Rubbermaid bins.  I store my monthly classroom resources in them, but we discovered they make PERFECT little seats for my fine motor station.
 This is the banner from Abby Mullins ADORABLE Crazy for Kinders Unit. I used it last year, but saved it.  I decided to hang it up, but I will replace the letters as my students bring their's in after Open House tomorrow night.  I didn't want that space to look naked!

 The saying above it says, "Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart."  That Winnie-the-Pooh has a way with words.
 On one wall I have my numbers... the other wall is displays my word wall.
The lime and purple number cards are from Erica Bohrer.  You can find them {here}.
She also made the word wall headers.  You can find them {here}.
I love the color posters from Cheryl Saoud.  You can find them {here}
Here is a video tour!  Now, I shot this video after about a 12 hour work day... You have been warned~I'm a rambler.  In fact, you may be happy to just put it on mute!

In my video, I talk about adding links on how to make the palm tree and how to make the pillows.  I added those links on my blog {here}.

Tomorrow two of the Blog Hoppers will be back for NOW TEACH!  We are going to talk all about organizing for instruction!  


  1. I love the way both of you mixed and matched patterns in your classroom!

    Amy, the bags above the cupboards is a great addition to the classroom I would not have thought of and haven't seen before.

    Deedee, thanks for the tour of your classroom. I would like to make a palm tree in my jungle themed classroom and this really helps!

    Tacky the Teacher

  2. I LOVE the "Second Grade" bags on the top of your cabinets! Just today I was trying to figure out what to do there! NOW I to wal-mart!

    Love that you made a video tour!

    :) Carmen

  3. Your rooms look fabulous ladies! =)

  4. I love your writing bulletin board. I downloaded it and bought the TPT pack and made one in my room today!! I had yours up on my screen as I made it. Thanks so much, Heather

  5. Love it! Did you make your WBT circles? Would you share? ;)

    1. Hi Maryann. I added them to today's post (over on my blog). Here is the post. Have a great day!

  6. Hi! I'm a new teacher to blogger and I would love to link to this party! But I don't know how! Would you mind giving me a few steps to how to? :) Thank you!