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Are your Kidlets ready for "Lotsa Learning?"

Good Morning, Blog Hoppin' buddies! 

Kerri B from Teacher Bits and Bobs here! I know many of you have started school already, but I still have 5 glorious days of freedom until I report back on Wednesday. Well, I call it freedom, but you know I'm gonna be in my classroom every single day until then. Right?? :)

I wanted to share my latest creation with "Back to School...Lotsa Learning Math and Literacy Games!" 

I created these for my littles to be able to use when they finish their "Must Do" activities in either Language Arts or Math, and these games are PERFECT for your Kinder kids throughout the year, or your Firsties at the beginning of the year as review. Here's a little sneak peek of each game (that I finally got laminated, cut and ready to use in T minus 10 days!)...
I put each  game into a large laminated manila envelope with the game cover, including the directions , on the front of the envelope. All of the games are store in this magazine file, so the kids can grab whichever game they'd like to play.
 Here are all of the games laid out to see...

I also plan on using these games as introductory centers the first couple of weeks of school, so they kids know exactly what to do when they play the games with a partner later on, so I included "show what you know" worksheets as well!

Thanks for taking the time to check out these games with me!
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Holy Moly!! She's PINK!!
Thanks friends!!



  1. Those games are outstanding! The Bow Tie Teacher gives you 5 bow ties for those. I'd love to see/read how your kiddos took to them. Do you have instructions on how to use them on the folder? I only ask because I've found that no matter how basic I write my directions I have to spend a lot of time teaching and reteaching some of them.

  2. Oh I just love these centers! I hope we can find a place to use them in kinder this year because they are just too cute to pass up!


  3. Cute stations! Enjoy what little bit of summer you have left.

    First Grade and Fabulous

  4. Nice! Your room looks great and the preparations that you made are well-done. I'm sure that you'll have a great year. Best of luck with the beginning of school. Keep up the good work!

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