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New Design and a New Way to Follow!

Hi! I'm Lynda from Curls and a Smile! 
We are so super excited about all the changes that have been made to our awesome blog!
 We have had an ADORABLE update to our blog design thanks to the AMAZING work of

Erin Blecki of Creating & Designing

and our own

Erica Bohrer, Deedee Wills, Ashley Hughes and Cara Carroll!

It's completely adorable and all of us here at Blog Hoppin' want to say
 THANK YOU you for the new, fresh look!

Now, I am sure that many of you have heard all the buzz about how Google Reader has ended as of yesterday. Google Reader was a way to stay in touch with all your favorite blogs, all in one place. It's where I, and probably most of you, followed all my blogs. Now, its gone.....sad face!


Even though Google Reader is no longer available, we now have a FABULOUS new option!

Blog Lovin'

Don't you just love the name?

It's a great website that allows you many of the same functions as google reader, including keeping all your favorite blogs all in one place.

The first thing you need to do is create and account.
Go to

You can create an account using your email or using your facebook credentials.

 Once you have set up, Blog Lovin' will send you an email to verify your email.

 Once you have created the account, you can import the blogs that you follow on google reader.

  Then you are going to follow the sign in directions to import your blogs from Google Reader.

 Tah Dah! Now you have all your blogs in one fabulous place!

You can search categories for all types of blogs, add blogs to your feed through a search and even make folders/groups for your blogs for easy access! Be adventurous and explore the site!

We would love for you to follow Blog Hoppin' on Blog Lovin'!
Just click and connect!

 Awesome! Have a blog that you would like to share on Blog Lovin'?
Join our linky by either sharing your Blog Lovin' blog post or by putting your Blog Lovin' link in the link box!!

If you are linking up to a blog post, be sure to link back to Blog Hoppin' in your post!  If you are looking for blogs to follow, click through these links below. 


  1. Thanks for the linky! I linked up my Blog Lovin' link, but I will also be writing a post to link back here. Who wouldn't want to find all these great blogs in one place???

    First Grade Smiles

  2. Lynda, Thanks for the great explanation. I've linked up, down, and all around!
    Smart Kids

  3. Thanks for the linky! I also LOVE your blog design - very adorable, creative and colorful. Beautiful!
    Susan K.
    Happiness is watermelon shaped


  5. Love your new blog design!

  6. I entered the Linky! This switch to Bloglovin' takes some getting used to! Thanks for the Linky, this will help so much. By the way, I love, love the color and graphics on your blog! So cute!

    Visit me at Teaching By The Sea!

  7. Thank you for the kind design words! I'm glad you guys love your new look! :) Ashley sure did make some super cute Frogs for it!!

    Creating & Designing