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Decor Galore: Get Your Decorating On!

Hi friends! I know, I know...summer is gone! Well, almost anyways. That means that it is time to start getting that room in order and ready for all of those sweet kiddos that you are about to meet. I have just finished the last of my decor packs (all 16 of them), so I wanted to share all of them here with you just in case you are looking for some decor for your home away from home. I mean, let's be honest....most of us spend as much time {if not more} in our classrooms than we do in our actual home. 

All decor packs will be ON SALE today and tomorrow! 

Here is a basic outline of each unit. This will show you what each pack includes (Pattern choices are below). Your download will also include an editable file where you will be able to add student names, numbers, your own classroom jobs, etc.

I have all of that (above) in 16 different themes and patterns. All of the packs below are in my TPT shop. Click on the picture to check it out! 

This is my "White" line. These are also available with black backgrounds below. 

More Patterns:

Other Themes: 

And I even have animals...

Happy Decorating! 



  1. I just LOVE your decoration sets! They are just amazing!

    Flying High in First Grade

  2. WOW! These must have taken you FOREVER! They are all gorgeous!