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Croptoberfest Work Stations!

I just completed my Croptoberfest!  This is a collection of fall themed work stations for any Kindergarten classroom!

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Alpha Acorns: Students work to match the capital letter (acorns) to the lowercase letter (squirrels).

Counting Crows: Students work to match the correct tens frame (crows) to the number (scarecrow). A second game with number words (scarecrow) is included for differentiation.

Leafy Letters: Students work to place leaves in ABC order. Each task card provides three random letters. Students will determine the order and record in the tree!

Pumpkin Parts: Students work to determine parts of a whole using domino frames.

Tasty Tallys: Students work to match tallys (apples) to the corresponding number (apple grove). A second game with number words (apple grove) is included for differentiation.

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If you are interested, I have a several pictures of a crafty weekend.  Included are a great box to hide your husbands remotes.  LOL!  And a fun way to incorporate choice and control in Daily 5 rotations!!

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  1. When I saw your post advertised on ChalkTalk i didn't think it said Crop. My eyes are going!