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Snag a Scavenger Hunt Freebie for your Open House!

Hey guys!! It's Katie from Little Warriors. It'a about that time again!! Back to School!! I like to repost this little ditty each year in case you need a little something to spice up your Open House, Meet and greet or orientation night. So, here's a throw back post....

Everyone LOVES a good Freebie! :)

One of the most important parts of our Open House is to make our new students feel welcome and comfortable!!! This is my chance to make a good impression! You have to have a little fun!! You want your students’ first experience with you to be a positive one! Coming in and meeting you, seeing their new classroom and finding out where their backpacks will go and where they will sit will definitely put them a little more at ease on that first day! Open House makes things less strange and scary on that first day! This is just a little scavenger hunt that helps to ease the tension and it’s FUN!!! And, of course, they get to pick a treasure at the end!!! The first day in Kindergarten can get a little hairy…but, I rarely have criers anymore and I know that this is part of the reason why!!!
I posted these back in 2011. Hahahahaha! Wow, how clipart has changed since then! 😉 Read those OLD posts HERE and HERE! Then, I posted them again back in 2012 all through Google Docs. You can read those posts HERE.
Welp, I decided it was time for another update!! This time, they are posted in my TPT store and there are LOTS of choices!!
Click on the image below to see 11 different Kindergarten Scavenger Hunts!
open house scavenger hunt freebie for kindergarten
Click on the image below to see 8 different First Grade Options!
Open House Scavenger Hunt Freebie for First Grade
Click on the image below to see 11 different Preschool options!
Open House Scavenger Hunt Freebie for preschool
Good Luck!  Here’s to a GREAT YEAR!!!!!

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