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End of Year - One Little Word

Hi Blog Hoppers! This is Mel from From the Pond. 

I am in Australia and not currently celebrating the end of the school year, but I am about half way there and will soon be on winter break. The school year certainly does fly by and is filled with so many wonderful and special memories. 

I headed back to the classroom 5 days a week this year, after several years of part-time teaching. I can say with complete confidence that there is nothing quite as special as having your own class. To say I am enjoying my time with my class is a serious understatement.

I made a fun little activity for you to help celebrate the end of the school year!

The printable is in my TpT store and can be adapted to any class as the students have to write in their grade. It is similar to the one I did for New Years

Students can think of just one word that defines their time in class this year.

Brainstorm some examples and talk about how one word can encompass memories and feelings. 

Students can use the letters on this page and the bonus letters page to create their word. Copy some in bright colours for a different effect. I pasted mine to bright paper for a nice background.

Have a wonderful day and if you are about to embark on summer vacation - enjoy!

- Mel x


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