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Creative Clips Coloring Book Freebies and More!

Hey everyone! It's Krista from Creative Clips again! 

'Tis the Season for Creative Clips Freebies! 

Actually.....'Tis the Season for a lot of things and if you are like me, you are trying to do all 14,598 of them at once. "Trying" being the keyword there in my case. Whether you are shopping for holiday gifts, desperately squeezing some rigorous work out of those Christmas-crazed kiddos or trying to explain to yourself how eating a whole bag of Christmas M&M's is completely acceptable (which it is- and I'm talking about the large bag...), I'm sure you are feeling the holiday hustle and bustle! 

So here is where I insert a heart-felt, slow-your-life down and take time to breathe piece of advice. Seriously though, that is what is coming even it's a little cliche. Here's what happened today.....

I literally had to pause everything, or at least it felt like it. As many of you know, I create digital graphics full-time, so when I am not formatting graphics on my computer, I am answering emails on my computer.......or working on social media on my computer.....or checking feedback on my computer.....or designing paper goods for my Creative Paper Collection on my computer......or filling Etsy orders on my computer....okay, you get the idea. 

So when I tell you that my computer decided to COMPLETELY FREEZE after I attempted to do a software update, you will understand why I said a few choice words....

then experienced heart palpitations...

and thought maybe I should call and cry to my mom (even though I'm 28 years old and she doesn't know a thing about Mac computers). 

Holy moly. However, the one thing it forced me to do was "pause." Everything. 

I can tell you (in a much calmer state than earlier),  that my computer is now working, although it took about 4 hours for my computer to decide that it wanted to end my suffering and just restart. 

Good gracious. 

So what did I do when I was cut off from the world on my computer?.....I colored. haha Thankfully I had printed out some of the coloring pages from my new freebies before my computer had a hissy fit. If my computer had been working, there's no way I would have let myself sit down and color! 

Never. Too much to do. Clipart to be drawn. Presents to be purchased. M&M bags to eat. Not to mention I realized I'm missing a brown crayon and that just really messes up my color scheme in most pictures. 

So the "not-so-wise" words of wisdom that I have for you is to stop and take time to color. Now I could get really deep and say that coloring is a metaphor for all the things in your own life that get lost in the mix (and actually that sounds like a really good spin on it!) but I mean it literally! Take a minute, pour your beverage of choice, grab the whole bag of M&M's and color one of these pages from my two new freebies. Take time to breathe!

Check them out!

I also have a brand new Snowman Shape Book from a new line of Creative Clips Shape Books that I will be adding to my store for many seasons and holidays! This is a great time saver for those winter bulletin boards you might want to create with your students' work. 

Last, but not least- if you are looking for Christmas or Winter graphics to help you would with those holiday lessons plans- here are some of my favorites! Click on the pictures to get a link to my store!

That's it folks! Hope you all take a little time to color in the busy weeks to come!

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