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Subtraction Fun!

Hey guys!  It's Amy from Step into 2nd Grade!  This week in math we have been all about subtraction fluency!

To start off the week we made a number line from 0-20 on sentence strips.  These have come in handy BIG TIME!  We also traced them by even and odd to match our classroom number line.  My kids have been using these all week long :)

We love any and everything that includes spinning...
And rolling dice!!  I absolutely LOVE {THESE} Math games from The Brown Bag Teacher
We've also tackled subtraction word problems with THESE handy-dandy booklets!
My students have worked on visualizing the problems, locating important details, and showing their thinking!
 Vocabulary has been important as well... so we are constantly referring to our answers as differences and even mixing in a little even/odd action!  Today my students made THESE pocketbooks to complete their subtraction problems!
 Now it's time for a little dinner and relaxation before getting ready for FRIDAY!!!

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