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Getting Organized

Hi Blog Hoppers! It's Leslie Ann from Life in First Grade (and now Fifth Grade!) and I'm here to talk about getting organized in 2014. Most of the time, I feel like a scattered, hot mess! I am SO not the most organized person, let alone teacher, but I wanted to share a couple of ways I organize some things in my classroom. Maybe it will give y'all some ideas. Be sure and link up with us below so we can see all of your organizational tips! :) 

I don't know how I've taught for the past five years without using task cards. I have found so many great ones on TpT for almost every reading skill. I knew I had to quickly find a way to store these without misplacing them or getting them mixed up. I found these great containers at the Dollar Tree and then used my beloved Silhouette Cameo to label them. 

I use to sort everything in separate notebooks for our weekly reading selection (I use Scott Foresman Reading Street). For example, I had a notebook filled with all the selection tests, another one for all the weekly word lists, another for DOL tests, and so on. Somewhere along the way I started filing everything in one folder by the name of the weekly story. This has worked much better.

I also have several of these great little drawers around my small group meeting area so the kids will always be able to quickly grab materials we need. Of course I had to break out the Cameo again to label! :)

Now I want to hear your organizational tips! Link up below :) 

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