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Fix Up The Mix Up!

Happy Wednesday, Blog Hoppin' Friends! Kerri B from Teacher Bits and Bobs here...

A couple of weeks ago, I was helping my littles in Literacy Centers and they were working on Apple Sentence Scrambles...

They were having SUCH fun putting the mixed up sentences back in order and working together to solve the puzzle! 

It struck me in that moment that I JUST had to make these for every single month! Thus, my "Fix Up The Mix Up" Sentence Scramble Centers were born!

TADA!! This MASSIVE 102 page pack has sentence scrambles for every month of the school year! Take a peek...

The main reason I love these "Fix Up The Mix Up"centers so much is because my kidlets can work COMPLETELY independently on them, either alone or with a partner, freeing me up to work with my guided reading groups without INTERRUPTIONS! Can I get am Amen, Sistas???

I also included sentence strips for each month that have the sentences printed correctly on them, so even Kinder Kiddos can be successful in unscrambling the sentences! 

For the First and Second grade kiddos out there, I would allow them to unscramble each sentence on their own. I included sight words, decodable words, and some thematic vocabulary words in each sentence, so they will get plenty of practice reading and writing the words!

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XOXO Kerri B


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