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Healthy Kids!

Last month, we were discussing our next kindergarten science/social studies unit and we saw that it was to be our health unit. We all just went "Ho hum" and had no excitement at all about the upcoming unit. So, after many hours of trial and error, I wrote a new healthy kid unit. We just finished it last week and what fun we had! We talked about our hearts, lungs, and digestive system - in a simple way, of course. We discussed healthy eating, learned about and how important exercise is to keep our bodies healthy. We talked about getting a good night's sleep, dental health, and washing our hands. All our activities were put inside a cute book cover that the kids created themselves. It is amazing to me how interested little kids are in keeping healthy! If only we could keep this excitement going in them; maybe our little ones would grow into healthy adults!
If you would like to see some more pictures, hop on over to my blog!

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